**We immediately need people who are willing to work hard - and available at least part time
starting next week - $35-55 Per Hour if you learn fast!**

Application and Information
Follow these steps:

1) Watch the short video below for an overview & compensation

2) Follow the "Get Started" links on this page

3) Enter your name and email address to register

(that's really all there is to it)

4) Start to work


We are a fast growing highly rated Media and Marketing company looking for new associates from all industry backgrounds in the local and surrounding areas.

Almost everything we do is 100% web-based and most of our Services are conducted online. This web site is designed to give you information about our web-based telecommute position and will help you with your decision to begin working for us today. Please read carefully.

No experience necessary, our training will teach you everything you need and you can be online, working and making money in the next two hours.

You can easily earn $25 - $50 or more from each hour of work.

We Offer the Highest Pay Rate in the Industry


Choose your own schedule: P/T or F/T
Telecommute from home
When you need more money simply work more hours
Pay raises based on performance - not seniority

This is a Chance For You To Make A Generous PT Income or a Serious FT Income

... is NOT pestering people with email SPAM
... is NOT one of those old "stuffing envelopes" deals
... is NOT a "home typist" or "data entry" program
... is NOT Network Marketing or MLM
... is NOT making or returning phone calls
... is NOT about selling anything for that matter
... is NOT involved in the adult industry in any way
... is NOT selling your cast-offs on EBAY
... is NOT a gambling or lottery system
... is NOT sending out postcards OR faxes

You don't need to have or earn any special skills to make this work for you. Our training will teach you everything you need to know in the next 2 hours.

Can you point and click?
Type in a web address?
Follow simple step-by-step instructions?
Live in the U.S.?

Then you have what it takes to work for our online company.

Because you:
... do NOT need to be a techno-geek
... do NOT need to do any kind of selling
... do NOT need to spend weeks studying a complicated program
... do NOT need to invest a bunch of cash
... do NOT need to host "house parties"
... do NOT need to work when you don't feel like it
... do NOT need to answer to a boss!

To get started here's what you need to do:

Visit our company website and enter your name and email address in the form provided. You DON'T have to buy anything.

1. Go to our company site below.

2. Enter your name and E-mail and create a password.

3. Next, sign up as an affiliate at the bottom of the page.

3. You will receive a link with your own ID.

4. E-mail that link to someone you know who will test it out for you. Have them put in their info.

5. Now check your account under referrals and you'll see your payment!
....It is really that simple!

The average worker should be able to process from 50-300 emails daily working approx. 1-3 hours a day.

We pay our people very well and we’re looking for hardworking, serious minded people only to start immediately
(so no slackers, please!)

If the idea of Working virtually, No Selling, No Cold-Calling, earning $30 to $50 an hour or even more an hour sounds good to you then here is what you need to do next:

Please Note: We're only taking on a handful of people in each locale. As soon as we have enough applicants this section of the website will be suspended.